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Ouch Pouch Baby Medicine Kit

Ouch Pouch Baby Medicine Kit

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Ouch Pouch Medicine Kit Bag is a one-stop-shop ‘must-have’ medicine kit for mums on the go that need to soothe ‘ouchies’ or administer medicine. It is suitable for children with allergies as you can fit an Epi Pen inside, as well as for children whose parents have to carry medicine around with them at all times.

Inside the Pouch:

  • ZGEL – a soothing first aid gel which is arnica based and suitable for bumps, bruises, grazes, bites  – and soothes any irritations and make those ouchies better quickly.
  • CHILDREN’S PLASTERS – sometimes a plaster is as much of as a reward as anything else!
  • STERILE WIPES – you can never have too many
  • MUCKY MITTS HAND SANITIZER – a spray for those mucky mitts which is made from natural products, alcohol free and there’s no need to rinse after use.
  • FEVER FOREHEAD THERMOMETER  – as we all know our children can be fine one minute and have a raging temperature the next.
  • A 60ml MEDICINE BOTTLE with child resident cap – this enables you carry enough medicine for a day or weekend, it also complies with the travel regulations (under 100ml)
  • SPILLY SPOON, the non spill medicine spoon is an essential part of the Ouch Pouch as we all know administering Medicine is a messy job whilst in our home let alone whilst travelling!
  • THERMAL INSULATED BAG – the bag is unzipped in the middle and has two pockets which contain all the contents above but are also designed to hold sachets of medicine and your headache tablets!
  • EPI PEN – the Ouch pouch had been specifically designed to fit an Epi pen alongside all the above products.
  • You can now personalise the pouch by adding a name label  which is very useful for Nursery and schools.

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